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Hey look, a bass.

We’ve all dabbled in a lot of art backgrounds, and if you’ve got an extensive art background you’re going to meet a lot of teachers that bring up mythology, psychology and a lot of stuff like that, so that ends up coming into play. There’s a lot that goes into what’s behind the images behind the artwork ~ so a lot of that comes into play the music & the visual art.

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People that just assume that we’re hateful don’t understand that hate & anger are two completely separate energies, they might have a similar emotional charge to them, but anger has a much more constructive emotion than hate, and that’s what our music is about - the anger. I’m not saying all our music, that particular element that people see in it, the aggressive nature, the emotional energy to it - in conjunction with the light - our music is about the light at the end of the tunnel - but you have to purge yourself to get to it.

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Sing with me guys!


Adam tweeted a severed arm, which turns out to be a legit production still for TooL!
Rumor has it a video project is due for fall. Let the speculation begin!

Title: The Outsider (Acoustic) Artist: A Perfect Circle 1,079 plays


A Perfect Circle-The Outsider (Acoustic)


Remember that Tool concert where Maynard managed to flip a rowdy fan?  Well, the lovely Maynard is has a purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu.  That’s pretty darn awesome.  Check out this article from Black Belt Mag to see Maynard do some Brazilian Jujitsu moves step-by-step.  Gosh. Reading this article makes me want to take up my dream of studying martial arts again.  (Maynard, your complexity never ceases to amaze me.)


Mama likes.

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You can tell Maynard is very uncomfortable with Snoop’s hand on his shoulder. :(

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The story of Maynard James Keenan and his mother as told through the music of Tool and A Perfect Circle. ›

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Maynard of A Perfect Circle :: faints ::